Announce: MailWatch for MailScanner 0.5

Hywel Burris hywel at BURRIS.ORG.UK
Tue Feb 3 21:20:37 GMT 2004

Hi Steve,

I have run into this problem after upgrading from version 0.4 to 0.5 on
fedora, surprisingly it seemed to work ok with perl-DBD-MySQL-2.9002-1
before I upgraded.

I am getting the error: -
Feb  3 21:16:13 mail MailScanner[23332]: Database ping failure attempting to
Feb  3 21:16:13 mail MailScanner[23332]: Cannot insert row: MySQL server has
gone away

I assume that this is caused by me using the incorrect version? Would there
be any chance of advising how I could install this old version like you seen
below as fedora is advising that the above version of perl is required for



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Hi Eric,

You'll still need 2.1028.

However I saw a neat trick done by an admin recently who installed the
DBD-MySQL module into /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/DBD-MySQL and did
something like "use lib '/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/DBD-MySQL/';" to
the top of to use the older version instead.

Kind regards,


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