rant about anti-virus and spam, MS flamed

Tue Feb 3 18:24:47 GMT 2004

>Since it's (inter)national beat a dead horse day, <g>, what
>I'd like to see
>is for the AV companies to add a flag to their definitions as
>to whether

FYI: a recent correspondance between myself and Sophos.

Hi Jason,

We are looking at adding this feature into our definitions as it would be
very useful.  Watch this space.

[name removed]@sophos.com

On 28/01/2004 21:31:04 "Jason Balicki" wrote:

>Would it be possible to include a "forged sender" Boolean
>value in the sophos IDE and have Sophos AV report that
>value when a file is scanned (via the appropriate
>switches)?  I use Sophos with MailScanner and the
>ability to send or not send notifications intelligently
>would be a godsend.
>I know the vast majority of worms and viruses these
>days forge, but it would still be helpful.

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