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At 17:07 03/02/2004, you wrote:
>1.  In the web site about the MailScanner.conf it says (with some text
>taking out) talking about spam.whitelist.rules:
>Is Definitely Not Spam
>You will probably want to include your own site (or your own site's IP
>addresses) in this ruleset.
>Does that mean put:
>From:           * or

Yes, but it is even better to whitelist your IP addresses. You can put in
IP addresses in any of the common syntaxes for specifying netblocks.

>FromOrTo        *


>It would seem that if it said FromOrTo, that it would treat all mail as
>not spam and "not" perform any blocking.


>2.  Is this how to disable blocking for a user ID:
>FromOrTo:       user at yes


>3. Do you have to configure the spamassassin white list also, being that
>you have to configure the whitelist in 2 places?
>Spam.whitelist.rules and spam.assassin.prefs.conf?

No. The spam.whitelist.rules entries will cause all spam checking to be
bypassed, including SpamAssassin.

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