NDR strategy

Pentland G. g.pentland at SOTON.AC.UK
Tue Feb 3 00:52:42 GMT 2004

I'm looking at this issue and some other routing problems at the

For now go to sendmail.org and search for "LDAP" it describes the LASER
schema extension, sadly it appears that getting sendmail to work with
the "mail" attribute is a little hard.  If you are not the AD admin at
your site then they might be concerned... in AD 2000 you cannot remove a
schema change!  2003 allegedly fixes that.

I'll post a howto when I have it all in place and working...

Good luck
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> There is  way of setting up sendmail so it read from an Active 
> Directory server to validate the email address. have a google around
for 'how to'.

I suspect this is done by doing an LDAP lookup.

If someone gets this to work or has a URL to post, I'd be interested.

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