MailScanner suddently taking all the CPU and a lot of memory.

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Mon Feb 2 23:21:07 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 23:13, Yannick Cayer wrote:
> > 'Since Last Week' - are you sure this isn't anything to do
> > with the MyDoom outbreak and its associated bounce messages
> > (the load on my production server doubled and it struggled to
> > keep up at times).  If you're not already doing so I suggest
> > taking steps to block subjects/ email addresses used by this
> > virus at your MTA (sendmail rulesets have ben posted several
> > times in the last week - search the archives for 'LOCAL RULESET')
> I guess I could set a rule with spamassassin to block the subjects....

That won't make much difference to the load on your system, you need to
do it at the MTA, so that the mail is rejected at the rcpt or data stage
of the SMTP transaction.  That will save your mail server the trouble of
scanning it for viruses and spam and the hassle of attempting delivery
to non-existent users/domains.  If you post which MTA you are using
maybe someone could help.

Have you established that this is what is causing your problem?   (If
you don't have any monitoring in place even just doing a wc -l on your
daily maillog over the last couple of weeks should give you a flavour of
what your mail load is like.

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