Vexira AV Support in 4.26.6?

Gabriele Oleotti goleotti at MISAG.IT
Sun Feb 1 12:09:20 GMT 2004

I have to apologize for the last patch I sent you as the autoupdate script has a little bug (I forget the --update switch, so vexira isn't really doing the update). Sorry for that.

I corrected this bug and I have adjusted the output coming from the scanner as the vexira seems to use dos/windows CR+LF new line characters which causes bad looking output to be logged on my files.

Last, I have added time-out support (for the most copied from the alarm perldoc page and from the clamav-autoupdate) which I have tested and seemed to work fine.

Buy for now,

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>Will Support for Vexira Antivirus added in MailScanner Version 4.26.6?

No, sorry. I haven't had time to test it myself. It will have to wait for
Julian Field
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