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Tue Aug 31 15:56:45 IST 2004

Dave Filchak wrote:
> What is the proper method to upgrade/update MailScanner and/or
> ClamAV. I am using MailScanner 4.32.5 and ClamAV 0.11 at this point
> and want to update but do not want to break my config?
As you haven't mentioned what you are running on I'll presume it's some
rpm-based system
If so simply download the tar.gz into somewhere like /home/installstuff or
Tar -zxvf blah.rpm.tar.gz
cd MailScanner-x-x-x

Wait for it to do its thing

Cd /etc/MailScanner
Follow instructions

For clamav - just grab a new version and install it

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