Cool SpamAss hold and deliver feature, can we implement that in MailScanner

Garry Glendown garry at GLENDOWN.DE
Thu Aug 26 15:57:09 IST 2004

Kai Schaetzl wrote:

 > Garry Glendown wrote on         Thu, 26 Aug 2004 08:25:38 +0200:
 >> I "fixed" that with a PHP script ... together with the
 >> quarantine-information that MS sends to the recipient, I send a link to
 >> the PHP script, identifying the mails by the date and the queue ID
 >> (which should be relatively safe).
 > But this implies that you send a mail for each quarantined spam. The
objective is to avoid sending dozens or hundreds of notification mails
to users but send only a report x times a day to the final target user
(no matter what the email address is).

No, that was the QUARANTINE file function ... i.e., viruses, blocked
file types, etc ... stuff that already has a recipient and where only
the attachment is stripped from the email ...

 >> If MS had an option "archive" that would store the queue files of a mail
 >> in an extra directory (just like the quarantine), then add date, sender,
 >> recipient and subject to a database table (like, e.g., MySQL; could even
 >> be done by a shell call to allow for arbitrary backends, but that would
 >> add to resource usage). A simple web frontend or script could then
 >> generate an overview easily, and allow interactive downloads or
 >> re-queues of the specified messages.
 > That all exists: Mailwatch and the MailScanner quarantine. I already
mentioned it. It just doesn't have a scheduled report system and a
release system via mail.

OK; just noticed the "store" option in the MS config ... So I guess all
that we need is the frontend then ... of course it doesn't make sense to
inform the recipient of every single email ... ;)

I might look into this some time soon ... sounds doable ...


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