Mailscanner and server load

kfliong kfliong at WOFS.COM
Thu Aug 26 03:13:59 IST 2004


Okay, I know the question about mailscanner and server load has been
discussed before but i this seems to be a little different.

My server specs is as below :

Celeron 1.3GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD, Redhat Linux 7.3, Ensim Pro 3.5.23

MailScanner 4.32.5-1
SpamAssassin 2.64
MySql 3.23.58
ClamAV 0.75
MailWatch 0.5.1
sendmail as MTA

The problem is that after updating the packages, my server's load is very
high. Before that it was around 3.5. After upgrade, it ran up to above 30
for few 30 minutes before coming back down to around 3.0 now. I have not
enabled SURBL yet. But the only reason i upgraded is to use SURBL. But now,
since the load is kinda high, I am afraid to run SURBL (with SpamCopURI)
which would definitely increase the load. I do not run DNS server locally.
I am resolving DNS using my webhost's. Would that increase the load if I
run SURBL?

My question is, what can I do to lower the load? How much load would it
reduce if I upgrade to 1GB RAM?

What if I get another server dedicated in handling mails? This server would
be used for websites. How would things work if I have 2 server? Anyone
would give a simple guild to doing this? I know I would then need to run a
DNS server which would route MX records to the 2nd server, right?

Thanks in advance.

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