Postfix / Archive Mail duplicates

Hirsh, Joshua joshua.hirsh at PARTNERSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Aug 25 20:44:23 IST 2004

Michael: Were you ever able to track this down?

 I just recently enabled the Archive Mail function and am running into the
same bug. Oddly enough, it only happens on incoming mail. Outgoing mail is
handled correctly.

 No mail is kept locally on the server. It's just the gateway.

 The only real noticeable difference is that I only scan the incoming
messages for SPAM.

 Julian: Any ideas?

 The original discussion is here:


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> From: Michael Pacey [mailto:michael at WD21.CO.UK]
> Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 4:15 PM
> Subject: Re: Postfix / Archive Mail duplicates
> I have noticed that if my Archive Mail account is a remote account (an
> SMTP hop away) then the correct number of mails (1) is
> delivered to that
> account, not the incorrect number (2).
> Where is the Archive Mail function handled in MailScanner?
> I've trawled
> through the MailScanner code and I can't find it (at least, I
> can't find
> any code which looks like it reads this config option, using grep).
> I'm pulling my hair out!
> Cheers!
> --
> Michael Pacey <michael at>

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