How do i prevent alerts being delivered to specific addresses?

James Gray james_gray at OCS.COM
Sun Aug 22 22:38:35 IST 2004

Hi All,

Not a big one, but a problem I've been wrestling with for a while.
First a little bit of explanation.  We have an internal trouble-ticket
system that accepts requests via e-mail (foo at  It's not
really smart and assumes that anything it receives is a valid request,
then after receiving a request it generates a case, then RESPONDS to the
requester with their case number (evil - I didn't write it OK).

Consequently whenever MailScanner finds a virus/spam/bad attachment
which is addressed to our ticketing system a ticket is opened, the
response forwarded to our MailScanner user (postmaster effectively) and
it's a mess to close all these bogus cases.

SO, my question to this group is how (the hell) do I tell MailScanner to
silently drop virus/spam/bad attachments addressed to the ticket system?
No alerts, no warnings, no modifying the message, just drop it.

I've put a few rules in place but obviously these aren't working as
expected.  Can someone give me the MailScanner.conf settings I need to
put into a rule set??


I.T. Manager - Asia Region
Open Channel Solutions
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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