Any success getting vexira running with mailscanner

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Fri Aug 20 20:25:03 IST 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 19:59, Brent Bolin wrote:
> Julian,
> Have you had any luck getting vexira to run ?
> Just some more info.
> I can fire up a bunch of blank messages from a remote location -
> sendmail -v foobar at
> If I run top on the mailscanner machine I can see vexira  fireing up, so it
> would appear its talking to vexira.
> However it dosn't detect viruses(eicar)

Have you tried using the wrapper-script to scan infected files?
Are you sure you don't have any symlinks in the path to the MailScanner
work directory?
Are the paths for vexira correct in the virus.scanner.conf file?
Have you changed any of the permissions settings for the work dir in
mailScanner.conf.  Does vexira drop priviledges when running as root
(this could cause permissions problems)?
If all else fails try hacking the vexira wrapper script to redirect the
output to a file (try redirecting stdout and stderr to different files,
this should at least show what it is doing) - don't forget to undo the
changes after!

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