[OT] Re: SPF

William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Tue Aug 17 22:17:00 IST 2004


Configuring STARTTLS + SMTP-AUTH is an annoyance compared to what?
These roaming users have to continually reconfigure their mail clients
to work w/ each mail relay on each subnet that they ever visit.
(Why this isn't configured automatically through DHCP, I'll never know)

With STARTTLS + SMTP-AUTH, they'll finally be able to set it, and forget it.


David H. wrote:

> Alex Neuman wrote:
> <snip>
> | It's just a matter of how good you are at educating users about
> something
> | that's a necessity, not a luxury.
> |
> While I am using STARTTLS + SMTP-AUTH, while I support innovative
> thinking and new techniques I think you are mixing something up here.
> ~From the users point of view SMTP-AUTH and STARTTLS aren't a luxury nor
> are the necessity, they are an annoyance. You have to think about one
> more password, you have to setup your MUA to support this and you have
> to ensure that you are using the right settings.

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