Way OT: SSH worries

William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Tue Aug 17 07:17:55 IST 2004


How common is it to have a router compromised in such a way that traffic
can be sniffed?
I'm not saying that depending on clear-text anything is good for
security, but I haven't heard of this router "exploit" method being a

Besides, I'm only using these "pass-phrases" as an additional layer of
After sshd gets turned on, an attacker would still have to break
in/through the non-stndard ssh port.

Re: using stunnel, there are ssl related exploits, no?
It seems to me that using stunnel to protect sshd from a *real* exploit
is kind of defeating the intended purpose.
Wouldn't stunnel be just as vulnerable?


John Rudd wrote:

> On Aug 16, 2004, at 5:15 PM, William Burns wrote:
>> I wrote a script to turn sshd on+off that gets called by inetd.
>> I telnet to a specific port, type in a "pass-phrase", and my sshd
>> starts
>> Now, unless someone finds a TELNET vulnerability, I'm pretty safe.
> You mean like breaking into your ISP's routers and sniffing your
> traffic, so that I see your pass-phrase going across the 'net in the
> clear?
> Probably better to use stunnel on the server side, and open-ssl's
> "sclient" feature (or ssl-telnet) on the client side, so that your
> pass-phrase for starting/stopping SSL is at least protected a little.

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