ETRN support in MailScanner required

William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Mon Aug 16 20:50:39 IST 2004


This is an interesting solution...
You're running another copy of sendmail that looks at the outbound
queue, and has the ETRN feature enabled.

The "sendmail-out" instance of sendmail could be configured to do this too.
It could listen for SMTP connections, either just on a non-standard
port, or on a different IP like you're doing now. (assuming that another
IP is available/configurable on that box)

This solves everyones ETRN problems, no?

Lately, when I reply to messages on this list, I get inconsistent "to:"
information... Sometime I get the address of the list, sometimes I get
the address of the sender. Weird...


Peter Peters wrote:

>On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 15:58:53 +1000, you wrote:
>>For my backup mailserver, I use mailertable and dsmtp
>>configured in that with the primary server making ETRN
>>connections to the backup every hour (I'm using the
>>sendmail script from the contrib directory to
>>perform this step).
>I know a system is using ETRN and MailScanner without problems. I
>checked the configuration and this is what happens:
>On that system the "normal" sendmail(s) don't do ETRN. There is a host
>etrn.provider (different name, different IP but same server) with a
>seperate sendmail configuration which allows ETRN and which reads from a
>different queue directory. I haven't yet found how messages are put in
>that queue but I know it happens after MailScanner has scanned incoming

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