Viruses Passing Through MailScanner/Sophos

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Aug 16 16:21:34 IST 2004

At 15:47 16/08/2004, you wrote:
>I've seen this mentioned in previous posts, but I'm not sure if a
>"universal" fix
>is available.
>Environment: MailScanner-4.29.7,  Sophos-3.82, Sendmail-8.12.11
>Problem: MyDoom-O (and maybe other) viruses occasionally pass through
>MailScanner/Sophos undetected.
>Analysis: The infected messages that get past MailScanner/Sophos are

Can you send me the URL of a copy of one of these messages please.
The last one I saw had corrupted headers, which stopped MailScanner finding
the message buried in the body text. It does try to find all these
"included" messages, but is apparently missing this one for some reason.
Julian Field
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