Wrong language in report mails

Rick Cooper rcooper at DWFORD.COM
Mon Aug 16 16:02:55 IST 2004

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> Subject: Re: Wrong language in report mails
> Hello,
> >Ok, I just looked at the German languages.conf
> >(etc/reports/de/languages.conf) and the report variables are not
> translated
> >by default. If you go to the bottom of the languages.conf file
> you will see
> >
> ># Used in Postmaster notices
> >NoticeVirusInfected = Virus Detected
> >NoticeFilenameInfected = Bad Filename Detected
> >NoticeOtherInfected = Other Bad Content Detected
> >NoticePasswordProtected = Password-protected Archive Detected
> >NoticePrefix = The following e-mails were found to have
> many many thanks Rick - that was the problem. This five variables above
> failed in the ../de/languages.conf - are the variables new ex
> version 4.32.5-1?
> And a combination of the two variables
> noticeprefix:noticevirusinfected
> are also new? Where can i change this?

I believe they are all new as far as a general release goes. The combination
doesn't need fixing if you translate the above strings and place them in
your languages.conf file. The reason for the change is the old behavior
always sent a message to the postmaster stating a virus had been detected,
regardless of the actual problem. Now the notice will state the actual
problem, or problems (if multiple, such as bad content and virus). If you
add the strings listed above you will see how it works. For example once the
strings are properly installed the noticeprefix:noticevirusinfected line
above will read (using English defaults)

        The following e-mails were found to have: Virus Detected

And if there were a virus detection and an unacceptable file name detected
in the same message it would read:

        The following e-mails were found to have: Virus Detected, Bad Filename

Hopefully I explained that clear enough to answer your question?


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