MailScanner Cause server load high

James Hsieh james at 080.NET
Sat Aug 14 18:43:21 IST 2004

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<DIV>One of our servers got very huge server loading today, I spent 1 hour and 
found it's cause by MailScanner because one of users of this server got "catch 
all" email box and his domain got a lot of spam, every second spam from 
everywhere comes in his emails cause the email is "catch all" means <A 
href="mailto:no-real-name at">no-real-name at</A> will also 
arrive successfully to his box, and every time, mailscanner has to spend time on 
each email.</DIV>
<DIV>After I shutdown his "catch all" function, the loading went down right away 
from 90 to 0.9 on this P4 3.0 box.</DIV>
<DIV>What my question is, I found this problem by "guessing", and I hope one of 
you guys can tell me if I need to find out those emails coming in right this 
moment is goes to where, what should I do ?&nbsp; (I am using a whitebox Linux 
with Cpanel )</DIV>
<DIV>James</DIV></BODY><br />
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