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Fri Aug 13 01:41:15 IST 2004

At 01:14 13/08/2004, you wrote:
>We've just installed etrust on a Linux RedHat 8 server.
>All the Docs related to installing on RedHat only seem
>to go up to RH v7 - but ino seemed to install OK, except
>MailScanner doesn't seem to 'see' it ?
>I'm aware of previous mail group mail RE: etrust, they
>mention a patch for RH v8 on the ca web site.
>Q: Will I need this? and if so, where on the WEB site
>is ir? [and yup, I did have a look but couldn't spot it]
>and/or what else do we need in order to use etrust?

You need to check where you installed it and, if necessary, change
MailScanner's setting for where to look for the scanner.
there is a table that describes where MailScanner will think the virus
scanner is installed. Check that this setting is correct for your eTrust
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