eTRUST and MailScanner

Hendrik den Hartog hden at KCBBS.GEN.NZ
Fri Aug 13 01:14:41 IST 2004


We've just installed etrust on a Linux RedHat 8 server.
All the Docs related to installing on RedHat only seem
to go up to RH v7 - but ino seemed to install OK, except
MailScanner doesn't seem to 'see' it ?

I'm aware of previous mail group mail RE: etrust, they
mention a patch for RH v8 on the ca web site.

Q: Will I need this? and if so, where on the WEB site
is ir? [and yup, I did have a look but couldn't spot it]

and/or what else do we need in order to use etrust?


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