Sendmail as a SmartHost for Exchange

Thu Aug 12 19:22:54 IST 2004

Partially off topic, but I am in an environment where all of the
incoming mail goes through a Mailscanner system, and is forwarded onto
an Exchange 2000 server for final delivery.

I'm trying to get the opposite to occur, mostly because my boss can't
send mail to a single person because the outgoing email box doesn't have
Reverse DNS (well, it hasn't propagated yet).  I'm able to receive email
from the sendmail box, and I'm able to manually relay outgoing mail from
the exchange system to the Internet.  

However, when I enable the "smart host" setting on Exchange, the mail
headers don't change from going through MailScanner, and we still can't
send to this recipient.

Is there more to it, to get sendmail/mailscanner working as an outgoing
Smart host?

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