procmail with mailscanner

Shortt, Kevin KShortt at AZERTY.COM
Thu Aug 12 17:03:32 IST 2004

Actually, you can turn it off by changing your local mailer in the sendmail
configuration. Procmail is set to be your local delivery agent in It is set by default on Linux.  I do not know what OS you are
running, but most *nix'es have /bin/mail (or others) available for use.

Read more about changing it in chapter 6 of the o'reilly sendmail book.

Some info links for you to read up on are:

For what it is worth, do not remove procmail. I do not see from a system
support perspective why you want to remove it. What is the reason for
wanting to remove procmail?


Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are using sendmail as MTA for mailscanner. Can I turn off
>> procmail? If can, how do I turn it off?
> You are probably using procmail to deliver the mail to mailboxes, so
> in a word. NO
> M

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