Which AV is right :) ?

Christiaan den Besten chris at scorpion.nl
Thu Aug 12 13:16:50 IST 2004

Hi !

Just completed a small test to see if F-Prot finds viruses Clam passed as
virusfree ..... and yes .. it did.

But: I am not yet convinced if F-Prot is doing the 'Right thing TM :)"

        - 1. An email containing a virus as an attachment is send to a
foreign mailserver.
        - 2. Foreign mailserver bounces the message attaching the complete
message in mbox format in de message body.
        - 3. Clam scans the messages -> No virus found
        - 4. F-Prot scans the message -> Zafi.B found ....

- The actual virus is in de mbox formatted body ... this is not executable
by a normal user if he/she receives it ?
- "Clamscan --mbox [body of msg]" does find the Zafi.B virus.

Should MailScanner do a double check ?.. one with and one without de mbox
parameter, or is F-Prot just to paranoid ?

Which is right ?


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