Problem with sendmail and spamhaus

Michele Neylon:: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Thu Aug 12 10:04:19 IST 2004

> Would someone please teach me how to go about implementing
> that? I really love it when I added the above lines in my
> sendmail because my server went from average of 10.00 load to
> 1.50 load. The extra idle could help ease up my server on serving
> websites.

If you have a load of 10 then you are either doing something wrong, like
using BigEvil, or you need better hardware.
On a typical shared hosting server with over 300 sites and close to 1000
mail users we rarely see the load go above 3 during office hours.
>> I think you'd be better off using the SBL list in sendmail and
>> scoring the XBL list in spamassassin.  I've seen a few false
>> positives which seem to come from the  XBL list.
It depends on your userbase to a degree, but we have seen a lot of issues
with ISP dialup pools being listed in both SBL and XBL. This is not
Spamhaus' fault, but there is no reason why the users need suffer as a

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