More Problems with new MailScanner-Version (fwd)

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Aug 12 08:10:21 IST 2004


> >But many people are seeing this, so there must be something 'fuzzy'.
> >Today i had two machines with the same behaviour. They were running just
> >fine, but after a reboot the system as hanging on the 'starting
> >mailscanner'. That was on a FC1 box, but also got the same reported on a
> >Debian machine.

> >If i start MS manually it runs.

> >Any idea's Julian, did you change anything of the PID checks in the latest
> >version ?

> I don't think so, no.

Any other idea's, happened on two different linux versions, nobody else
having this?


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