More Problems with new MailScanner-Version (fwd)

Marcel Blenkers marcel at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Wed Aug 11 18:24:40 IST 2004

Hi there,

> Easy trick... by looking at the url of the most recent version, you can
> tell that...
> >

ok..i downloaded the old version..
and the errors are the same..
now..what is wrong here..i thought :)

and then i tried the following:

moved my old Perl-Version  v5.8.0
into the path /usr/bin

moved the new version v5.8.4 outside of the search-path..

removed via rpm -e the mailscanner..
and reinstalled it again..

and it works..

it seems that mailscanner in combination with perl v5.8.4 somewhere within
the search path of the could get terribly wrong..

Sorry for all the fuzz i did..and i hope my ideas are of some help

because now even the creation of the within /var/run works
absolutely fine..



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