SURBL installation

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Tue Aug 10 22:23:18 IST 2004

Peter Bonivart wrote:

> You could have used my file as is if you wanted to, would have saved you
> the editing.

Agreed, thanks but I have found that I learn better by doing rather than
'borrowing' :-)

> Yours looks alright though, just a tiny thing with the
> description on the phishing test, I guess you copied it from the
> ob-list. :-)

oops, yes cut and paste error. Changed now (MS of cause doesn't use the
description any way)

> Test with "spamassassin -D --lint" and it should complain if there's any
> errors.

All Ok also

> If you get from 0 to 5 hits you're ok, but I would be worried if I
> always got 0 (or 5) hits. If you have reasonable traffic on your server
> this should show up quick. I didn't have to wait one full minute.

Seems to be Ok, several hits on one, two and three lists so looks good.
Thanks again.


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