John Hinton webmaster at EW3D.COM
Tue Aug 10 18:56:38 IST 2004

Steve Evans wrote:

>You got it backwards.  If you have Sendmail doing SPF it would drop the
>mail before it get's to MailScanner.

I guess that's where I'm getting confused. On the install of
MailScanner, it said to stop sendmail and run MailScanner which then
seems to start sendmail as needed. So the order seemed backwards to me.
It would be nice to get a step by step of just what happens as an email
first hits a system to the point of its delivery into the user's
mailbox. I've never had a really clear picture of this series of events,
and it is pretty complex with procmail, access, AV, SA and so on called
during the transport. The hardest part for me, would be the RBLs run
with MailScanner. Does MS immediately call sendmail and then run the RBL
checks after email passes any other rules set through sendmail?

Sorry, but I'm having a hard time getting this part down.

John Hinton

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