John Hinton webmaster at EW3D.COM
Tue Aug 10 18:04:17 IST 2004

One of the beauties of SPF as I 'sort of' understand it, is the DNS
record is checked first and only if it passes is the server opened to
receive that email (seems like MailScanner is the front line and that
would be the place to do this?). I'm not sure about exactly what happens
and when, with MailScanner, but I would like to know that the first
check made is at the DNS level and only then receive the email and put
it through whatever paces are in place, AV, AS and so forth. This would
be a huge reduction in server loads. Why do all that processing if only
then at the MTA level, does the email get rejected (server refuses to
download it)?

Would this be the case with the current MailScanner? I am running RHEL
and sendmail. I will be adding the SPF sendmail patch at an appropriate

John Hinton

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