Vispan reports 1 as a virus

Jeff Falgout JFalgout at CO.JEFFERSON.CO.US
Mon Aug 9 22:32:23 IST 2004

I've just upgraded to Vispan 1.4, had been running 1.3 for a while.
I've noticed for some time that it reports a "1" as a virus and
keeps count (I've been too lazy to do anything about it til now).

For example:

Virus   Count
...W32/Sobig-F  34,981
...W32/MyDoom-A 27,850
...W32/Netsky-D 15,543
...W32/MyDoom-A W32/MyDoom-A    15,289
...W32/Netsky-P 9,074
...1    7,242
...W32/Netsky-C 6,030
...W32/Netsky-P W32/Netsky-P    4,075
...W32/Gibe-F   3,647

I removed the 1 line from the count and it comes back.
I'm using sophossavi 0.15 if that matters.

Anyone else noticed this?


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