Broken eBay savedsearches pages

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Aug 9 14:54:06 IST 2004

> 1)  I have confirmed that these are real email messages sent
> from ebay.
> They are notification messages that ebay users use to have
> canned searches (with results) mailed to them.  I have
> checked the headers and they have indeed originated from ebay
> and not a phisher.. :)

Then applying a ruleset to the mails would be the best solution in the
short-term. The long-term solution is to stop idiots sending scripts in
> 2)  This started 22 days ago (as verified from the logs).  No
> doubt it is some new tracking feature (gulp) but I've
> notified the users who use the feature that caveat emptor applies.

If you could find out exactly what they are including in the email it would
be helpful. I would urge you to contact eBay about this, as scripts in
emails are _Evil_


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