Broken eBay savedsearches pages

Michele Neylon:: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Aug 9 11:37:50 IST 2004

> Just over three weeks ago, ebay (apparently) made some
> changes to their "saved searches" emails.  This was done
> (conveniently) on a Saturday night and I've been having complaints
> ever since.
> I have been running the latest version of Mailscanner with
> the form disabling turned on for quite some time now.  At
> first I thought this was the problem.  Apparently not.
> Does anyone on the list know what changed in the email
> content (maybe web
> bug?) of these emails?
> Or better yet, has someone written a rule to deal with the
> saved searches pages so they aren't hacked up by mailscanner?

What kind of issues are you experiencing? I haven't seen the ebay thing, nor
do I have any interest in it, but if you could provide more detail as to the
issues I'm sure we could help


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