SURBL installation

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sun Aug 8 07:51:11 IST 2004

Peter Bonivart wrote:

> 4. I edited your cf-file to use the bitmask-combined multi-list instead
> since that's makes more efficient use of net resources. Less lookups,
> better cache hit rate. You may want to change the included file since
> SpamCopURI supports bitmasked results as of version 0.20.


I have just moved to the bit masked list but I can't find any .cf file
examples to check my syntax. I am getting hits but I'm not convinced for
any combined results (e.g. a return of being a 'hit' on 2
lists). Is there any chance you could give some examples of what the should look like for the multi-list (like do I have to list
the multiple options also or will SpamCopURI do that for me?)



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