Dodgy virus scanner

Mariano Absatz at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 5 19:56:46 IST 2004

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 16:35:58 +0100, Julian Field
<mailscanner at> wrote:
> Me thinks F-Prot is being a little over eager. I assume they are running
> some F-Prot email virus scanner in addition to MailScanner.
yup... I don't know what AV he's running,  I contacted him off-list
'cause every attachment I sent triggered that... I explained him, in
plain Spanish, that he should not be bouncing viruses or spams 'cause
originating addresses for real viruses and spams are 99.9% fake, but
he doesn't...

The 'heuristic' applied, apparently, is the double extension
thingie... but much less specific... kinda, if it has 2 dots in it, it
is a virus :-(

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