AW: Error with RAR-Files

Chris Conn cconn at ABACOM.COM
Thu Aug 5 18:50:29 IST 2004

Julian Field wrote:

> Patch for is attached.
> It still complains about some lines, but I can't make it take into account
> every type of irrelevant output line from every possible archive unpacker
> unfortunately.
> But it detects the virus just fine.
> This will be included in the next release, once you have agreed it works
> okay.


It seems to work here.  I have been for the longest time been using
clamdscan instead of clamscan in the clamav-wrapper, and I was under the
impression in the past that it would work and I have a vague
recollection of having tested it on .rar files.  However, clamdscan does
not extract from .rar files it seems even if the scan options for unrar
is present.  If I change my configuration back to clamscan in the
wrapper, the patch works on this test.

Is there a way to make clamdscan work properly from the wrapper script?
  Has anyone used it in this way?


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