AW: Error with RAR-Files

Marcel Blenkers marcel at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Thu Aug 5 14:21:45 IST 2004

Hi there,

> was the packed created with a newer version of rar ?
> unrar 3.00 isnt that new and winrar >3.20 uses newer
> algorithm (as far as i know :))
> can u manual decompress the archive with unrar ?

the File was sent via, as they provide the test for various
infected mails.

I tested the eicar.rar-file, detached it, and..yes i was able to
uncompress it with the unrar-command on the shell :(

Then i tried clamscan on the decompressed, which resulted
with the eicar-test-file.
Then i tried the clamscan-command and actived option for scan of rar-files
within the clam.conf..there i just got an error..



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