MailScanner bypassing postfix always_bcc option

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Aug 5 09:17:43 IST 2004

At 22:52 04/08/2004, you wrote:
>Does anyone else have the issue of if MailScanner detects a mcp
>message or spam, it bypasses the always_bcc option in Postfix and just
>forwards it on to the account specified in MailScanner.conf if you so
>chose to forward spam and mcp messages?
>Is MailScanner supposed to act like this?

Yes. It only forwards the message to the addresses you told it to. It has
no way of knowing where the recipients list came from, whether it was an
original recipient in the message from when it was created or whether it
was added by a later gateway.

>   If so, I guess the only way
>to get it to forward to both is to set multiple address in
>MailScanner.conf under the spam and MCP sections?

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