zlib dependency problem

John Lundin lundin at CAVTEL.NET
Wed Aug 4 15:08:19 IST 2004

A problem with the mailscanner-4.32.5-1 installation script (and
probably earlier). Red Hat RPM install, onto Fedora Core 2.

If Compress::Zlib is installed from CPAN and Archive::Zip is not
installed, then the following scenario unfolds:

>Oh good, module Compress::Zlib version 1.33 is already installed.
>Attempting to build and install perl-Archive-Zip-1.12-1

And it builds, since Compress::Zlib is present, but then:

>error: Failed dependencies:
>        perl(Compress::Zlib) is needed by perl-Archive-Zip-1.12-1

Archive::Zip never installs, as the needed RPM db entry is missing.

MailScanner itself then happily builds and installs, but when it tries
to run it trips over its shoelaces:

>MailScanner:       Can't locate Archive/Zip.pm in @INC [...]

A quick workaround is to compile Compress::Zlib and re-install:

rpmbuild --rebuild perl-Compress-Zlib-1.33-2.src.rpm
rpm -Uvh \
  /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/perl-Compress-Zlib-1.33-2.i386.rpm \

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