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> Subject: new problems, postfix - ms
> hi again,
> got a problem with postfix and ms.
> when i start postfix alone without ms everything is ok.
> but when i start ms (rcMailScanner) i get following error
> in /var/log/mail:
> Aug  4 13:03:02 MailScanner[7675]: Messages found but no hashed queue
> directories. Please enable hashed queues for incoming and deferred with a
> depth of 1 or 2. See the Postfix documentation for hash_queue_names and
> hash_queue_depth
> "postconf -d" shows me:
> hash_queue_depth = 1
> hash_queue_names = incoming,active,deferred,bounce,defer,flush,hold,trace
> done the settings in too
> done "post-install create-missing" twice, no result

Are you running razor? This error message can occur when Razor mistakenly
puts the .razor directory in /var/spool/postfix/hash

If this is the case, try moving the files in /var/spool/postfix/hash/.razor
to /etc/razor and make sure that postfix can read and write to these files.

If your running a razor-discover cron job make sure that it specifies where
to put the servers file and corrects any ownership or permissions problems:

/usr/bin/razor-admin -discover -conf=/etc/razor/razor-agent.conf 


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