ANNOUNCE: MailScanner stable 4.32.5 released

Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Mon Aug 2 18:03:23 IST 2004


Could there be an error in the MailScanner.conf update script? It removed
all my MCP stuff! Maybe it should check if the line contains mcp and if so
don't touch it?


[root at linuxgw MailScanner]# upgrade_MailScanner_conf MailScanner.conf
MailScanner.conf.rpmnew >
Added new: Find Archives By Content = yes
Added new: Dangerous Content Scanning = yes
Added new: Allow WebBugs = disarm
Added new: Quarantine Silent Viruses = yes
Added new: Spam List Timeouts History = 10
Added new: Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed = 20
Added new: SpamAssassin Timeouts History = 30
Added new: Spam Score Number Format = %d
Added new: Run In Foreground = no
Removed old: Recipient MCP Report =
Removed old: Include Scores In MCP Report = yes
Removed old: Is Definitely MCP = no
Removed old: MCP High SpamAssassin Score = 10
Removed old: MCP Header = X-MailScanner-MCPCheck:
Removed old: Is Definitely Not MCP = %rules-dir%/mcp.check.rules
Removed old: Always Include MCP Report = yes
Removed old: MCP Max SpamAssassin Size = 100000
Removed old: Non MCP Actions = deliver
Removed old: MCP Required SpamAssassin Score = 1
Removed old: MCP SpamAssassin Timeout = 10
Removed old: MCP Actions = delete
Removed old: MCP SpamAssassin Prefs File =
Removed old: MCP SpamAssassin Install Prefix = %mcp-dir%
Removed old: MCP SpamAssassin Default Rules Dir = %mcp-dir%
Removed old: Detailed MCP Report = yes
Removed old: MCP Error Score = 1
Removed old: Definite MCP Is High Scoring = no
Removed old: Log MCP = yes
Removed old: MCP Checks = yes
Removed old: Sender MCP Report = %report-dir%/en/
Removed old: MCP SpamAssassin Local Rules Dir = %mcp-dir%
Removed old: High Scoring MCP Actions = delete
Removed old: MCP SpamAssassin User State Dir =
Removed old: MCP Max SpamAssassin Timeouts = 20

On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Julian Field wrote:

> Afternoon all! (Or is it morning or evening right now? Who knows?)
> I have just released the latest stable version of MailScanner, 4.32.5.
> The major changes for this release are
> - Can now run in foreground to help people using daemon monitoring systems.
> - Upgrade to latest version of Archive::Zip which fixes some problems with
> corrupt zip files.
> - The Spam Score number can now be formatted using printf() formatting
> specifications.
> - Added command-line check to make MailScanner print all its module version
> numbers, this should be used in all problem reports to the
> MailScanner at mailing list. Run it as
>       /usr/sbin/MailScanner -v
> or
> /opt/MailScanner/bin/MailScanner -v
> The full ChangeLog is at the bottom of this message.
> Please download it, as usual, from
> Any problems, please shout loud and soon :-)
> * New Features and Improvements *
> - Per-domain white and blacklisting now supports IP address checks.
> - Disarmed web bugs now tell you where they came from.
> - New "Run In Foreground" option which will be useful if you are trying to
> use another tool to monitor MailScanner's health and restart it auto-
> matically if it dies for some reason.
> - New "--perl=" switch for on non-RPM systems.
> - Added extra strings to languages.conf to support new feature of reporting
>  the fault with a message in the subject line of the postmaster report.
> - CheckModuleVersion now supports the "-v" command-line option, to make its
>  output more verbose.
> - Upgraded Archive::Zip to 1.12.
> - Added *.job to the list of banned filenames.
> - New "Spam Score Number Format" option to allow numeric formatting of the
>  number that is substituted for _SCORE_ in the spam score outputting.
> - Added "--version" (or "-v" or anything that looks roughly like "-v").
> This will make MailScanner print the version number of all the modules
> that MailScanner uses, along with its own version number.
> - Improved MailScanner.conf settings to explicitly say that "Virus Scanners"
>  cannot be a ruleset.
> - Improvement to installer for non-RPM systems to catch broken MakeMaker on
>  some Solaris systems.
> - Updated OpenBSD manual installation instructions.
> - Added $MailScanner::Config::ConfFile so that Custom Functions can find the
>  configuration directory easily.
> - Updated Spanish translations.
> * Fixes *
> - Postfix file corruption problem remaining on a few systems, now fixed.
>  It was a Perl bug.
> - tar distribution check_mailscanner.cron file now calls check_mailscanner
>  and not check_MailScanner.
> - Comments output in upgrade_MailScanner_conf made more consistent.
> - Moved "Spam List" so it matches the first rule, not all rules. This enables
> you to apply rules for entire domains and exceptions for certain addresses
> within those domains.
> - Improved zip of death detection.
> - Changed web bug disarming so alt text is only provided if there is a 'src'.
> - Fixed bug where autolearn status was reported incorrectly with
> SpamAssassin 2.
> - Fixed bug causing symptom of missing identically-named nested zip files.
> - Fixed bug in from Mariano.
> - Fixed bug involving '+' characters in address patterns in config compiler.
> --
> Julian Field
> Professional Support Services at
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support
> PGP footprint: EE81 D763 3DB0 0BFD E1DC 7222 11F6 5947 1415 B654

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