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Mon Aug 2 14:17:42 IST 2004

At 13:24 02/08/2004, you wrote:
>I am working on two SuSE installs on SuSE 8.1 (sendmail) and 9+ (Postfix)and
>there were four problems that I remember encountering with the MailScanner
>init script.
>1. The script was installed in /etc/init.d/init.d/MailScanner. I had to move
>it to /etc/init.d and remove the then empty directory /etc/init.d/init.d/

I have just checked the latest RPM, and it definitely appears to be in

>2. There were permission problems with the files. I think
>simply removing the existing pid files solved the problem.

Don't know about this one.

>3. SuSU uses different function names for the Red Hat "success" function. In
>SuSE it's "log_success_msg".

The SuSE init.d script does not call "success" anywhere.

>4. The ". /etc/sysconfig/network/" call doesn't work. On SuSE this is a

That's why it's not in the SuSE build. It doesn't ever call it.

Please can you confirm that you are using the SuSE distribution of
MailScanner, and a recent one at that, as the mailscanner*rpm file in there
is very different to the RedHat one.
Julian Field
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