starting errors on suse with latest Version

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Aug 2 12:23:45 IST 2004

At 12:13 02/08/2004, you wrote:
>I downloaded the Version for SuSE and installed it with
>Then i edited the new MailScanner.conf which had the Lock Type again
>uncommented, so i said it would be flock.
>Then i tried to restart the System..and it did not work properly.
>rcpMailScanner stop deleted the pid-file under /var/run.
>rcpMailScanner start did not create a new one, so my logfile only
>contained errors, which said, that this pid-file cannot be found.

What MTA are you running?
What are your "Run As User" and "Run As Group" set to?

>So, after stoping MailScanner i created an empty pid-File (touch
>/var/run/ and started MailScanner again.
>Now it seems to work fine...
>at least my testmails containing viruses got found..
>Maybe someone should check the pid-file-creation-process?

Julian Field
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