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Sun Aug 1 18:29:01 IST 2004

Hi all,

It has been covered before but no fool-proof answers have been given (and
is not likely to happen). I've been contacting almost all of the supported
anti-virus companies and asked them if i could use their command line
version to scan mail.  I didn't mention mailscanner.  The overall answer
was no you can't, you need the virusscanner for mailservers,.....

My statement is:
Mailscanner is handling the task of fetching the mails, strip off the
attachment and scan it with an external virusscanner.

An anti-virus package for mailservers is made to do this too.  Fetch the
mails, strip off the attachment and scan it.

Since Mailscanner is overlapping the functions of the anti-virusscanner for
mailservers the only thing that needs to be done at the end is to scan a
plain file!
Something command-line filescanners are licensed to do!

What is your opinion about this?  Is there someone who has more
knowledge/experience about this? Any legal advice ?

Thanks in advance

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