ANNOUNCE: MailScanner stable 4.32.5 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Aug 1 18:06:38 IST 2004

Afternoon all! (Or is it morning or evening right now? Who knows?)

I have just released the latest stable version of MailScanner, 4.32.5.
The major changes for this release are
- Can now run in foreground to help people using daemon monitoring systems.
- Upgrade to latest version of Archive::Zip which fixes some problems with
corrupt zip files.
- The Spam Score number can now be formatted using printf() formatting
- Added command-line check to make MailScanner print all its module version
numbers, this should be used in all problem reports to the
MailScanner at mailing list. Run it as
        /usr/sbin/MailScanner -v
        /opt/MailScanner/bin/MailScanner -v

The full ChangeLog is at the bottom of this message.

Please download it, as usual, from
Any problems, please shout loud and soon :-)

* New Features and Improvements *

- Per-domain white and blacklisting now supports IP address checks.
- Disarmed web bugs now tell you where they came from.
- New "Run In Foreground" option which will be useful if you are trying to
   use another tool to monitor MailScanner's health and restart it auto-
   matically if it dies for some reason.
- New "--perl=" switch for on non-RPM systems.
- Added extra strings to languages.conf to support new feature of reporting
   the fault with a message in the subject line of the postmaster report.
- CheckModuleVersion now supports the "-v" command-line option, to make its
   output more verbose.
- Upgraded Archive::Zip to 1.12.
- Added *.job to the list of banned filenames.
- New "Spam Score Number Format" option to allow numeric formatting of the
   number that is substituted for _SCORE_ in the spam score outputting.
- Added "--version" (or "-v" or anything that looks roughly like "-v").
   This will make MailScanner print the version number of all the modules
   that MailScanner uses, along with its own version number.
- Improved MailScanner.conf settings to explicitly say that "Virus Scanners"
   cannot be a ruleset.
- Improvement to installer for non-RPM systems to catch broken MakeMaker on
   some Solaris systems.
- Updated OpenBSD manual installation instructions.
- Added $MailScanner::Config::ConfFile so that Custom Functions can find the
   configuration directory easily.
- Updated Spanish translations.

* Fixes *

- Postfix file corruption problem remaining on a few systems, now fixed.
   It was a Perl bug.
- tar distribution check_mailscanner.cron file now calls check_mailscanner
   and not check_MailScanner.
- Comments output in upgrade_MailScanner_conf made more consistent.
- Moved "Spam List" so it matches the first rule, not all rules. This enables
   you to apply rules for entire domains and exceptions for certain addresses
   within those domains.
- Improved zip of death detection.
- Changed web bug disarming so alt text is only provided if there is a 'src'.
- Fixed bug where autolearn status was reported incorrectly with
SpamAssassin 2.
- Fixed bug causing symptom of missing identically-named nested zip files.
- Fixed bug in from Mariano.
- Fixed bug involving '+' characters in address patterns in config compiler.

Julian Field
Professional Support Services at
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support
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