autoupdate confusion?

Jim Flowers jflowers at EZO.NET
Fri Oct 31 17:05:51 GMT 2003

I run MailScanner on FreeBSD with ClamAV and freshclam as a twice-a-day
daemon (no entries in the sendmail log) and always thought that the
Mailstats header 'AV updated' meant that the virus database HAD been
updated.  Not so.  It is just a header and, if it has been updated, there
will be information as to 'when' after the header.

So I checked the mailing list, the FAQ and all the docs to see how I was
officially supposed to start the clamav_autoupdate script.  By inference, I
guess I make sure the script is correctly configured and then just call it
as a cron job once an hour.  I guess I'll do that.

What I find confusing is the MailScanner.conf file directive:

Lockfile Dir = /tmp

which of course, isn't available in clamav_autoupdate which implements its
own idea of locking.

So what is the official method and have I missed where this is all

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