Pete russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Fri Oct 31 12:53:05 GMT 2003

Is it possible, or even desirable to import regularly the RBLs into a
local SQL DB so that spam assassin/mailscanner can easily and quickly do
lookups against the DB, rather than across the web?

Speaking to the dev staff at work and they thought this would be the way
to go, maybe importing the RBLs would be so hard (we assume they have
support for this), but get SA or MS to use them might be a different
story. Can this be done using 3rd partys tools? Eg does razor or DCC
have this support?

Would it be worthwhile even persuing, assuming some of this is possible?
We assume we are not first to think of this, maybe there is already
support? Or tools that can do this for us?

Any ideas?
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