Archive Ruleset - WAS RE: Why do?

DNSAdmin dnsadmin at 1BIGTHINK.COM
Thu Oct 30 20:40:19 GMT 2003

At 12:16 PM 10/30/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>At 11:16 AM 10/30/2003, you wrote:
>>I would guess a ruleset could look something like this:
>>FromTo:  *@domain1.tld          /var/spool/archive/domain1
>>FromTo:  *@domain2.tld          /var/spool/archive/domain2
>This is correct, except that you need to use "FromOrTo:". We use this
>technique to train our SpamAssassin installation using honeypot addresses.
>The behavior is different depending on whether the destination is a file or
>a directory, but I can't remember exactly what the difference is.

Appears to be working well. If destination is a directory, a directory of
%directory/$DATE is created and you messages are stored in the directory
$DATE. Sweet!

Thanks ALL!

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