antivirus question

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Thu Oct 30 19:48:54 GMT 2003

I hear people commenting all the time about how happy they are with
CamAV...I have no experience with it as I use Sophos.


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> Subject: antivirus question
> Of the free antivirus software out there, which do people
> have the most success with?
> I'm not trolling for "product abc sucks" flames or anything
> like that ;o) Just curious which products work the best.
> Hoping to find a free one to work with for a little while. We
> rarely get any virus-based Emails lately since MailScanner
> drops .pif and .exe files, but I'd prefer to use a
> virusscanner to look at .exe files to let them through if
> they're clean.
> Thanks,
> -id

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