mySQL DB purging

Magnusson, Andrew Andrew.Magnusson at COCC.COM
Thu Oct 30 16:39:40 GMT 2003

Give this a shot. This works only for the stock mysql logging, not the
customized mailwatch one. A simple improvement might be to delete all with
an ID smaller than the first date you want to keep, if you can be sure that
smaller IDs are ALWAYS older. It's a quick hack, and slow if you have a lot
of records to delete initially, but if run regularly (we do weekly) it
should do the trick.



# script to clear out old records from mysql email logs

my $daystokeep = 45;

my $flushed = 0;

use DBI;

foreach $dbname ("mailscanner", "mailscannerexternal") {

        $db = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:$dbname:localhost", "mailscanner",

        # get date before which records are 'old' and will be deleted
          $sth = $db->prepare("SELECT DATE_ADD(CURDATE(), INTERVAL
-$daystokeep DAY);");
        ($earliest) = $sth->fetchrow_array(); # the earliest date to keep
        $earliest =~ s/\-//g;

        # get list of message IDs to drop
        $sql = "SELECT msg_id FROM maillog_mail WHERE time <
        $sth = $db->prepare($sql);

        while (@result = $sth->fetchrow_array()) {
                foreach $table ("maillog_recipient", "maillog_report",
"maillog_mail") {

                        $sql = "DELETE FROM $table WHERE msg_id =
                        $sth2 = $db->prepare($sql);
                $flushed ++;

        print "done with $dbname. flushed $flushed records.\n";

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Has anyone written any scripts to purge your growing mysql database, and
willing to share those scripts.


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