postfix and Mailscanner Installation

Pete russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Thu Oct 30 06:56:50 GMT 2003

Hi there I have been try unsuccessfully to install Postfix and
mailscanner on a fresh red Hat 9 machine.

I create a new group postdrop and new user postfix, without shell or
home directory.

Install Postfix from source using make then make install commands and
leave all options as default.

I set up postfix so I can send mail to it, when MX records are pointed
at it. I have changed the options in for chroot, for
everything listed except pipe, proxymap, local and pipe.

I set up a transport map so that I can out mail to our 2 mail domains - = smtp: and = smtp:

Install MailScanner and follow the instructions for postfix on the
mailscanner install guide.

I have a second linux machine with a fake DNS and MX pointing to the
private IP of the mailscanner box - so from this machine when I send
mail to user at the mail is sent and received by the
mailscanner box and I get a message on the maillog about the mail being
deferred, but that's it, nothing else eve happens, no log entries and I
can find any files in any of the mailscanner or postfix queues.

Is there any way of turning on more detailed logging, like you can do
with sendmail, maybe this will help me trace the message through my
mailscanner system?

Is there anything I can do to either postfix or mailscanner to ensure
mail is accepted and routed, without being scanned - then once I have
proved mail routing is working, turn on mailscanner anti spam, and then
maybe turn on spam assassin and then lastly clamav - seems crazy for me
as a newbie to try and test with everything turned up/on - so I have not
entered the line for clamav in the mailscanner.conf, and have spam
assassin support turned off.

What do I do to postfix or mailscanner to just let the mail route, no
spam tests, esp DNS as I am on a private network without any real DNS.

Is it possible to just have postfix installed, and completely not
touched and then run mailscanner install and this make everything work?

IF sendmail is installed (eg when you install the OS) is it possible to
install mailscanner and everything will work, without changing anything
in sendmail?

Where should I look for the mail that is deferred?

How do I turn on more detailed logging - currently I have a console open
with tail -f /var/log/maillog running

Thanks in advance for ANY help anyone can offer. (I know they are a lot
of questions, but I thought easier If I put them in one email, rather
than a few)

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